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New generation business solution for people.

Every day is a growing account, and the money on it is your opportunity. We do not have the poor and the rich, we have time to make the right decision.

With us correct the past guide the present provide for the future!

About CORE+

Business exchange CORE+ is a multifunctional, multidisciplinary investment platform that includes a set of efficient measures and financial instruments on earnings in the global network Internet.

Our service allows you to no distractions on learning all the technical intricacies of market research investment, and does not require installation of additional software.

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Mineral extraction

Investing in the mining industry of rare earth metal. And also their processing to factories to finished products.

Precious metals

Investing in precious metals and stones is carried out through the network of our partners around the world.

Shares in startups

Sale of shares in new prospective start-ups to maximize profits for each of our partners. Possibility to trade on our market.

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Our platform provides each partner with unlimited possibilities for the selection of various investment instruments and unique business market opens additional opportunities to increase its capital. We have developed a platform which has no analogues from all similar services.


We provide the most advantageous investment instruments.


Many specialized features implemented on the platform for convenience.

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A unique opportunity has been introduced to trade assets from user office.

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A simple and powerful algorithms of actions allows each user, even with a basic level of knowledge, to manage all operations directly from his personal cabinet on our website.



from $ 10/lot
from 1 to 2 %
Market access*


$10 - $10 000
30 - 60 days
from 2 to 4 %
Deposit incl.


$10 - $100
7 - 30 days
from 1%
Deposit Refund

* Ownership of shares and the possibility of selling on our market. User can sell own shares with a price set at his discretion without limitations. All funds received from sales will be credited to the user's account and are available for withdrawal. The business market on the platform operates around the clock and has no restrictions in the work.

Affiliate program

We offer a 6-level affiliate program for each of our partners. You can earn extra money by attracting new active partners to your team. Affiliate program apply for all purchases from the company.

Latest news and updates

Here we publish the latest and important news, and also information about updates and improvements to our platform.

60 days online.

07 August 2017

Dear colleagues, friends, partners! We have been working with you online for 60 days already.
This time will be very memorable for all of us, we have gone not very long way, but enough hard in the formation of our beloved company CORE +. A huge work has been done on establishment and development of the company.
Serious leaders were brought to the work. Each of us feels a great responsibility and pride for the development of our common cause.
Our team is always determined to win and positive emotions. The company has acquired the greatest investors and partners, who are ready to share with us both the difficulties and our victorious steps. We want to believe, that everyone, who has joined the project, is happy, that shared this way with us. We solemnly declare, that we’ll continue to work the same hard and with enthusiasm. Still we have a lot of work to do in the future, but we are proud to say, that our team gives only + for all partners of the CORE +. And on this significant day for the company, we want to remind about this again. We announce the promotion in honor of 60 days of the company's work + 5% to all deposits of our partners, made within 24 hours on August 7, 2017. With CORE+ be in+.

CORE+ Team

We provide the report from 08.06 to 27.07 of online work of CORE+.

27 July 2017

The company works online: 50 days
Partners receive profit from all the shares from the beginning of the company's work, but each zone have a different percentage ratio.
And so in order:
BLUE SHARES profitability of this category is output to breakeven, and profitability continued to increase to 2% per day.
GREEN SHARES from the breakeven to 100% of net profit.
RED SHARES allowed investors to go from 1 to 7 laps and earn from 50% to 125% of net profit.
Regarding the p2p market, there is relative calm in this category, and partners are only eyeing to the extra earnings. But it can be noted, that the domestic market of the company causes investors more and more interest.
It should be noted, that those, who understood the specifics of the work of the market, managed to earn up to 100% of net profit for this period. The most demanded tariffs are with a minimum par value.
Life with CORE + is always in +

CORE+ Team

It was prepared the short report of the work of CORE + from 08.06 at 08.07

14 July 2017

The company works online: 33+ days
The number of involved partners: 1023+ of registered and 546+ of active
Investment: 22,889$+
Payments: 7045$
The profitability of partners by categories (shares) amounted to:
BLUE SHARES from 39.6% to 62.7% (lifetime deposit with access to the p2p market)
GREEN SHARES + 18.8% (the stage was passed without loss)
RED SHARES from + 33% to + 45% the net profit passed from 1 to 3 laps. (The investment amount is returned at the end of the term from 7 to 30 days)
P2P market gave the opportunity for partners to earn up to 20% of net profit from the transaction.
We draw your attention to the fact that shares can be sold to any partner of the system with an extra charge up to 100% of the original share value. You can observe the general statistics on the market in real time in their personal offices now.
The main strategy of work is written on our website and in the reviews of our users.
The whole policy of our company is aimed at long-term and productive work with any of our partners.
Be in the plus, play at the domestic p2p market of the company. Build your future yourself with the help of our investment tools.
Life with CORE + is always in +.

CORE+ Team

General development strategy and full review of the development of the domestic p2p market.

04 July 2017

General strategy:
As you have noticed already, the company has taken a course for stable growth and prosperity. We don’t pursue an aggressive development policy and don’t pursue large investments, understanding, that the system should work for the investor and for the company as a whole. Certainly, we are focused on cooperation with different information resources on investing topic, so do not be surprised, when you’ll see one or the other review at the most famous and already loved by you Internet resources.
The beginning of the work was chosen not in vain, it is during the summer period, when the investment market is asleep. Firstly, it contributes to the smooth development of the project and gives a springboard for long-term and qualitative development in the Internet space, which plays into the hands of all and most importantly, that everyone is in a prize. Secondly, the market is cleared at this season and provides an opportunity to establish itself as a top project. Thirdly, there is an interesting work with leaders and representatives of the project on testing and attracting partners to our site during this period.
This is, perhaps, the basic prerogatives, which are pursued by the company's management.
Full review of  the work at the domestic p2p market:
At the beginning of the review, I will refer to the company's main marketing positions. There are 3 directions for investment, or roughly call them tariff plans, but the shares will be more correct.
Startups (BLUE) amounts for invest from 10$, interest rate from 1% to 2% with a lifetime profit and with access to the p2p market. They will be to the liking of all "speculators", well, it is more correct to say to traders, who constantly study the market and look at the dynamics of development of our domestic market. This is the most promising and transparent direction, it has a number of advantages over the other two:
- Lifetime income on shares;
- Fair play between market participants with the ability to resell in real time with extra charge;
- Limited number of shares, which creates a constant demand for different price categories;
- Additional revenue from sales.
Precious (GREEN) amounts for invest from 10$ to 10,000$, interest rate from 2% to 4% and a shelf life from 30 to 60 days.
This category will be to the liking of investors, who want to well earn on the passive and not worry about losing their money. The main advantages of this category of shares:
- Daily payments;
- The amount of the deposit is included into the payments;
- High profitability for the whole period.
Minerals (RED) amounts for invest from 10$ to 100$, interest rate from 1% and shelf life from 7 to 30 days. Such kind of shares will be interesting for testing the system and for fans of the category “Fast” for short distances.
As you have noticed already, we have the multiplatform with a wide variety of tariff plans for every taste.
Why, after all, do we focus on the domestic p2p market? Everything is very simple, it’s an endless tool for extracting money, which makes it possible to earn for everyone and give a push to the system to work for a very long time, without getting a losses in work, because when reselling shares in the market, we see a steady flow of money and the system does not suffer from outflows of funds, that is, what is sold, it is bought. Did you notice that this is interesting? Then try to calculate everything  and understand the very system of the market operation. This is a very interesting and new tool in the Internet space and in the investment sphere too.
In conclusion the article, I would like to mention the slogan of the company CORE +
“Corrige praeteritum, praesens rege, cerne futurum.”
Correct the past, guide the present, provide for the future (Seneca).

CORE+ Team

The company CORE+ offers active and energetic partners to become our official representatives on exclusive terms of cooperation.

29 June 2017

Requirements for representatives:
- active promotion of the Company with all kinds of tools (social networks, forums, personal sites);
- the having of personal deposit in the amount of at least 100$.
- the partner must provide reliable contact information (skype (telegram), personal page at social networks, personal site (if any), contact phone, mail).
- to pass an interview with the management of the Company.
Applications should be submitted to the established contacts at our official website.
The list of representatives will be formed before July 15, 2017.

CORE+ Team

Market weekly report #2

26 June 2017

Reporting for the period 07.06-25.06 Leaders popularity:
Startups (BLUE) - 363 shares, 11 of them on the p2p market
Minerals (RED) 137 shares
Precious (GREEN) 59 shares
The partners purchased shares for a total amount of 17300$
Paid to partners 3425.28$
Through market there are sold shares for a total of 7994.50$
Weekly best traders: Albert (501$), 4oliv (456$), Annasem (17.50$)
Partners are learn p2p market and understand the interest of working at the market already. Our task to set everything correctly for the comfortable work of traders. We draw your attention to the fact, that Startups (Blue) shares can participate in the sale.
Speculate, trade, earn!

CORE+ Team

Market weekly report #1

19 June 2017

Reporting of the market CORE + for the period 13.06-19.06 Leaders popularity:
Startups (BLUE) 276 shares, and 10 of them at the market
Minerals (RED) 97 shares
Precious (GREEN) 47 shares
The partners purchased shares for a total amount of 13900$
Paid to partners 2285.28$
Through market there are sold shares for a total of 1900$
Weekly best traders: Atos777 (552$), Albert (440$), 4oliv (428$)
Increasingly popular among partners is gaining the domestic market shares. (Startups can only participate in transactions)
Identify the ability to trade in our market and receive additional revenue from profitable trades!

CORE+ Team

Market start

13 June 2017

Trade actively, evaluate the market, be guided by the demand and proposals!
All partners who have acquired shares in the Startups tariff (blue chips) can take part in the p2p market.
-When you sell shares, you will not receive profitability according to the tariff before withdrawing it from the sale and returning to the portfolio;
- Partner compensation is not charged from the sold shares.
Only live online work between partners!

CORE+ Team

Market pre-launching

7 June 2017

We are intensively preparing to launch the market, now we are at the stage of closed testing. The market will be available soon! Market will be start working for users: 13.06.2017 12:00 (GMT time)

CORE+ Team

Start of the CORE+ platform

7 June 2017

We are happy to announce the successful opening of our platform.
We will be glad to each new our user. Welcome to CORE+

CORE+ Team

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Corrige praeteritum, praesens rege, cerne futurum.

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